Breitling Sets Up Pop-Up Bar for Two Years Ago

Breitling replica uk sale for cheap price-Spurred on by the vision to cater to high-flying aviation enthusiasts, Breitling has partnered up with the Fifty2 Lounge to launch its first pop-up Bar in Central, Hong Kong. Breitling held a bubbly-infused party to laud the grand opening of the pop-up bar on November 23. Christened the Breitling High Flyers Club X Fifty2 Lounge, the pop-bar bar will be up over the course of two weeks, from now till December 4.

breitling-hk-unveils-pop-up-storeA stunning vision to behold, the bar is dressed in tasteful layers of steel, leather and wood – the personality of the Swiss Breitling replica watchmaker manifesting itself in contrasting yellow and black. Exhilarating videos of the Breilting jet team grace the two plasmas TVs in the bar, while handpicked tunes are blasted by way of Breitling Radio.

As official timekeeper of the Reno National Championship Air Races, Breitling is also bringing the race to life by way of 2 iPads and a 52” LED screen, specially installed for customers to experience the thrilling aerobatics of the Reno Air Races.

breitlingNot to be missed from the equation is an expansive list of signature drinks, including a crispy Breitling replica Jetman, a coffee-infused Breitling Desert Challenger and the Breitling Orbiter (above), a cocktail evocative of a cigar’s spicy aftertaste. If you’re ever in the area, do soar in for a taste of the brand’s penchant for fun and adventure – drinking and flying clearly not being a problem here!