Presidential Watches: 9 Timepieces Owned by U.S. Presidents

As Presidents’ Day approaches here in the United States, we at WatchTime decided it would be a great time to revisit our piece on best Breitling replica watches worn by American presidents over the years. Scroll down to see the list we’ve compiled of notable wristwatches and pocketwatches belonging to past (and current) commanders-in-chief.

George Washington carried a pocketwatch made by Jean-Antoine Lépine, watchmaker to King Louis XVI. The watch, a large, simple, keywound fake Breitling watches sale with a virgule escapements, was numbered 5,378. It remained in Washington’s family until 1935.

George Washington and his Lepine pocketwatch

Fourteen U.S. presidents have been Freemasons and at least one of them, Warren G. Harding, had a watch to prove it. He carried a so-called “Masonic watch,” a particular type of watch in which Masonic symbols, such as an hourglass, a compass, and a masons’ square, were used as hour markers. Masonic watches  had cases in the shape of another Masonic symbol, the equilateral triangle. These cheap Breitling replica watches always incorporated a picture of the Masonic All-Seeing Eye, or Eye of Providence. On the Harding watch, this eye is on the watch’s caseback, along with a picture of King Solomon’s Temple. The watchcase is marked “Hiram Watch Inc., 14K, No. 145.” The movement is signed by Waltham.

Warren G. Harding and his Masonic watch

Franklin Delano Roosevelt wore a calendar wristwatch with the name “Tiffany & Co.” on the dial and a Movado movement inside. He also owned a minute-repeater pocket replica Breitling watches for men from the Geneva-based A. Frankfeld company.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Tiffany watch with Movado movement

Harry S. Truman owned a Flying Officer’s Chronograph made by the Swiss firm Gallet. The top Breitling replica watches, which had a rotating bezel enabling the wearer to read the time in time zones around the world, was given to him in 1939 by two members of his senatorial staff.

Harry Truman and his Gallet Flying Officer’s Chronograph

When he took the oath of office on January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy wore an Omega Ultra Thin (Reference OT3980) given to him by the Florida senator Grant Stockdale. The caseback bore the inscription “President of the United States John F. Kennedy from his friend Grant.”

JFK’s Omega Ultra Thin

Lyndon B. Johnson owned a Vulcain Cricket, as did both Truman and Eisenhower; Vulcain presented a Cricket to each of them. Johnson wore his in a 1964 photo on the cover of Newsweek. He wrote a note to Vulcain’s president thanking him for the new Breitling replica watches. “I value it highly and feel somewhat less than dressed without it,” he said.

Lyndon B. Johnson and his Vulcain Cricket with his initials on the dial

Gerald Ford was in office during the digital-watch craze, which reached its full frenzy in the mid-1970s. Fittingly, he wore a digital: a Hamilton Pulsar (the Pulsar brand is now owned by Seiko). In a photo in the Washington Post, he is shown wearing the high quality replica Breitling watch during the 1974 Congressional hearings on his pardon of Richard Nixon.

Gerald Ford with his Hamilton Pulsar and his wife, Betty

During his first presidential campaign, Barack Obama wore a TAG Heuer white-dial, quartz model from the Series 1500. (This is according to TAG Heuer aficionado Jeff Stein, who has examined many photos of Obama wearing the watch.) In the summer of 2007, Obama switched to a large Jorg Gray chronograph with a black dial given to him on his birthday (Aug. 4) by three members of his Secret Service detail. The fake Swiss Breitling watches bears the Secret Service seal.

Obama wearing his TAG Heuer

Jorg Gray 6500