Zenith Fake Watches UK Chengdu boutique opening

Zenith replica watches uk held it’s 150 anniversary cocktail exhibition and celebrating the opening of Chengdu boutique in IFS, the most prestigious mall in ChengDu.

Zenith President and CEO Aldo Magada attended the event to celebrate the grand moments. To mark the occasion, Zenith invited the famous actor and singer Mr Han Geng to present one special TAG Heuer replica watchmaking workshop on the day. With attendance of over 70 VIP and core media, and great amounts of fans, Mr Han Geng became the Zenith watchmaker during the class to coach guests on the trial of Zenith ancient pocket watch movement assembling. The class ended with a high note as Mr Aldo presented Han Geng, the friend of Zenith with one Pilot Type 20 bronze piece with abbreviation of Han Geng’s name on the side of watch case as a very special gift from the brand.

Each of the guest conducted the movement assembling trial were presented with the Breitling replica watchmaking certificate with signature of both Mr Aldo Magada and zenith watchmaker Alexandre Giudicelli as a special moment.